DC30 badges by trueControl and the Whiskey Pirates

This is a list of resources for DC30 badges made by true of trueControl
as well as projects from other pirates.

Entries with prices listed will be available after DC30 at the trueControl Webshop.
As usual, Whiskey Pirates stuff is given for free and is not sold.

the whiskey pirate crew and trueControl are in no way associated with "badgelife."
we neither want nor need buzzwords, social media, or ego-conforming cliques to make neat things.
just be cool. teach, learn, hack. make shit happen.

Preview Design Code Qty Built How to get? Info / Links
whiskey pirates 2022 badge concept by rCON, true
layout, design by true
assembled by true, others
art by @alt_bier, true
true ~40 electronic
~100 non-elec
Given out at DC30

the whiskey pirates 2022

  • User Manual: /manual/wp-2022
  • Code: won't be done in time
  • Schematics: main (.pdf) and cork (.pdf) PCB
  • Info:
    • main board has Cypress CY8C4245AZI-483 equiv. MCU (32K flash, 4K RAM)
    • built-in CH552 CMSIS-DAP debugger, will support UART in the future
    • cork board has ST STM8L151G4Y6 MCU (16K flash) for sensor duties
    • it's a fucking breathalyzer. that's the gimmick
    • breathalyzer might not work for DC30 =(
planning on making non-electronic to electronic conversion kit for non-electronic versions, available at DC31

should design files be released so clones can be made?
mini acrylic sign addon concept by true
layout, design by true
assembled by b1un7, true
art by @alt_bier, true

various designs available
true 200 normal
150 wide
~?? given away
In person at DC30

for custom signs,
bribe true

after DC30:
truecontrol Webshop
$40-45 USD

mini acrylic sign GAT addon

  • User Manual: /manual/acrylic-sign
  • Code: v0.30.0
  • Schematics: normal size (.pdf) and wide body (.pdf)
  • Info:
    • SiLabs EFM8UB10 MCU w/8KB flash
    • USB bootloader for code uploads
    • Normal width has 4x RGBLED in 2 zones
    • Wide width has 6x RGBLED in 3 zones
    • Buttons for configuration, user editable
    • Can be USB powered for use as a desk display
several designs available, including:
birdsign, commodore, crypto, digital_heart, xxx_v1, xxx_v2

instructions to load new firmware binaries will be included here once a new binary is released.
rgb led solder kit true

various colors available
true ~80 normal kits
more after DC30
In person at DC30

after DC30:
trueControl Webshop
Unassembled kit $60 USD
Advanced kit $60 USD

true's RGBLED solder cube kit thing

A roughly cube shaped object with OLED displays at either end and LEDs in the middle.
Some assembly required. As in, almost all the assembly. Bring a soldering iron.
Estimated soldering and assembly time: 2 to 6 hours
microdoom true Cell Wizard
approx. 30
more after DC30
In person at DC30

after DC30:
trueControl Webshop
$160 USD

microdoom addon

DooM. as an addon.
high framerate. full color. sound. USB keyboard support. in a small, compact package.
future code updates will bring local control with 6 buttons and accelerometer.
even supports multiplayer (currently untested).
  • User Manual: /manual/microdoom
  • Schematics: main (.pdf) and sub (.pdf) PCBs
  • Code: after DC30 (is a total mess; talk to true if you want it at con)
  • Design Files: will open up some time after DC30
  • Info:
    • RPi RP2040 MCU w/8MB flash
    • USB bootloader for code uploads
    • 320x172 ~1.5" diagonal color display with wide viewing angle
    • used as an addon, or with controller board
    • can be powered as an addon or by USB type C
    • supports USB keyboards (250mA max, type C connector req'd)
  • it's an art piece.
  • it isn't complete. a controller will be provided later.
  • quantities are limited.
dc nfo badge true true approx. 40 For DC NFO group


a counter badge for DC NFO.
help a human? mislead a human? answer a question? click the button.
also has a clock, stopwatch, and RNG / dice roller functions.
what else could it do?
  • User Manual: not yet available
  • Schematic: coming after DC30
  • Info:
    • TI MSP430FR5868 MCU w/48K FRAM
    • 4 7-segment digits custom designed by true
    • has clicker with haptics, clock, stopwatch, RNG
    • thicc
Cprossu's whistles Fixed up and 3D
printed by Cprossu
n/a Lots Handed out at DC30
maybe for sale post DC30

Cap'n Crunch Bo'sun Whistle

Preaking through 2022
  • 3D Files: will link here at some point
0d1n's challenge coin design by 0d1n n/a dunno Handed out at DC30

Od1n's Challenge Coin

est 2014

doing cool shit? might get one.

Where is WP this year?

We're online. Some of us are in Vegas. Contact us at @WhiskeyHackers, IRC, discord, or Wire to meet up.

Who fabricated your badges?

true did.
b1un7 helped with acrylic addons and kitting.
rCON helped with wp 2022 plastics and kitting.
Aask assembled NFO badges.
all assembly and plastics fabrication done in Las Vegas, NV.
PCBs and bare components made elswhere in the world.

Cprossu 3D printed the whistles.

Many hundreds of hours went into assembly of badges this year. Blame the above people if there are soldering faults on your badge =)

About the Whiskey Pirates

We're just a group of hackers and technology enthusiasts from all over the Internet and the world.

Our core base of operations is in Las Vegas, NV.

Membership isn't exclusive or even really a thing. Want in? Be cool.

Key principles:

    Just be cool
    Hack shit, learn shit, teach shit, or chill
    Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free

How can you contact us?

So, you want to help us?

We're pirates. We're not a charity. Whatever ends up our way will be used however we want, and we can't promise anything good will happen or that you'll get anything out of it.

With this in mind, of course we'll take your money, parts, or badge stuff. See us in person for a drink, contact us above or visit whiskeypirates.com for online methods.